iWish iHad…

… less email problems. I’m using the Mail app.

I use email a lot. It’s an alternative file system for me. Wait, it is probably THE file system for me, these days. I send or receive by email most of the documents I work with. I store them in the disk if I have to change them but other than that, they are just stored in my email folders. 

My email is on an Microsoft Exchange Server and recently imaps access has been made available. After using Mozilla Thunderbird for many years and I’m generally happy about it but I decided to give Mail App a try.

The truth is, it’s far from perfect. Here are my complaints:

  • crash & bang: it reindexes its mailboxes every once in a while. The truth is, I’ve got some very big mailboxes – yeah, yeah, I know I shouldn’t I that I’ll probably never need their content – but, the fact is that I have them and have to work with them. Of course, I could make the problem disappear by organizing them… naaahh! I couldn’t 🙂
  • weird folders: sometimes it creates some weird folders. For instance, if I have a folder named bar inside a folder named foo, it will create a folder named foobar. I think this happens when I move a message to a folder when it is being reindexed, but I’m not sure.
  • wrong dates: I recently found some messages with a strange date, which was the same for all. I haven’t checked this thoroughly, so I’m not really sure whether this is a problem or not (or even a mail.app problem or not). Maybe later. 
  • attachments (in): it took me sometime to realize that I could see a list of the attachments in the header of the message. Prior to this, I was really mad with this because I had to scroll down to the end of the message to handle attachments individually. This was really awkward in messages with many attachments. Of course, I could use the “Mail Downloads” stack but it didn’t really grow on me yet.
  • attachments (out): it is really a nuisance to have to drop attachments at the point of the message where I want them to be. The problem is that I’m still used to adding them at the end of the message (the “annex” perspective). Maybe this will be better if I can get used to placing them next to the place where they are mentioned in the message.

Ah, I guess this requires too many changes in the working habits of an old person. We’ll see how it goes.

There are some very good aspects as well, but I’ll leave that to a future post.


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