& Exchange ToDo’s: unhappily ever after…

As I recently complained, I have quite a lot of problems with The most recent one involves ToDo’s.

Many of my tasks are triggered by emails, so I started using to manage them. One interesting feature is that todo’s created in are shown in iCal.

I was feeling increasingly comfortable with this functionality when, suddenly, the activity window was showing a single activity which was reconciling todo’s (can’t remember the exact wording) and which was basically hanging without any visible progress for a long time. I tried stopping it in the Activity window, without success. 

So, I renamed the file, following some advice on macrumors. Then, I had to create the same account again and wait for the long process of synchronizing email. This seemed to work fine but all the ToDo’s simply disappeared. 

After a few days, I decided to give it another try. This time I only created a couple of ToDo’s before getting the “reconciling todo’s” problem. After resetting my mail settings again, I found that there were two ToDo’s left in the account (“Reminders – To Do – ACCOUNT”)… but were two dummies which I created previously for testing purposes.

Naturally, I decided to quit using ToDo’s in, so I’m back to the problem of finding the best way to align my computing infrastructure with my work management strategy. Good luck to me…


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