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What’s new: more problems

April 23, 2009

My problems with continue. The latest is that it somehow, the configuration changed to deleting trash and junk mail on quitting. So, I did quit… (actually, to be honest, I had to kill it again…).


Tweet, tweet and (finally!) away…

April 22, 2009

My second attempt to installing a dashboard widget to tweet, twidget, was a success. It is also simple to install: just provide your login data. Then you can tweet and read your tweets and those of your friends. Really cool!

tinyurl & safari: and lived happily ever after…

April 19, 2009

I’ve started using twittershy. One starts shyly and then, suddenly you’re logging your every move into it (scary, besides absolutely boring for everyone else). One thing I’m doing is posting some links I find interesting. One problem is related to the size of the links which is often too large, especially if you want to add some comments. 

TinyURL is an excellent solution for this. It provides you with a very short version of  any URL which, when accessed, is translated into the true URL. You can translate URLs from their site, but this is not very appealing, especially if you do it frequently.

To be able to do it directly from Safari you can use tinyme.  Installation is really simple:

  1. download the zip file
  2. make sure that the AppleScript menu is activated
  3. copy two files to the directories indicated in the readme file 

And it’s working.

To use it, in the Safari window, you have to

  1. go to the AppleScript menu
  2. click on the Safari Scripts option and 
  3. then on the TineMe option. 

This will copy the tinyurl version of the URL of the current page in Safari to the clipboard and you can paste it in your Twitter or elsewhere. 

Now, this is not as simple as I would like. I will check if it possible to simplify it later.